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Providing high level services is the core principle of our team. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our remodelling team works in all areas to complete a full renovation project. Ready to go the extra mile to make the whole project a masterpiece while keeping the eye on details.

– Painting –

InterArti provides interior and exterior decorative painting with high quality paints.  …

– Wallpaper –

InterArti provides interior wall paper and 3D view photo Wall and Ceiling …

– Art Decor –

InterArti creates artistique ceiling and wall decoration with 3D effects, tasteful colours and…

– Flooring –

InterArti provides all sort of flooring services. Wood, Parquet, Carpet, Vinyl , Porcelain…

– Lighting –

LED creative lighting for a cosy atmosphere for every space and room.…

– Exterior –

InterArti provides exterior decoration and painting. Façade, windows, doors and gates. Metal and…

– Upholstery –

InterArti provides upholstery services. Making your old furniture looking new and modern.

– ClayPlaster –

Clay plaster is the most eco-friendly and breathable one, suitable for all…

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