- Who We  Are -

We are the second generation of a small family business offering high quality interior remodelling concepts.

We are known for our trustworthiness, correctness and precise work. We put our ideas into practice to create timeless decoration for every space.

- Meet Our Team - 

- Edwin -

I have always been interested in art and architecture. Some years ago I had a chance to work with famous architects and met many talented artists.

I wanted to create something that stands out. I started to work my own way and create interiors with an artistic touch.

- Milla -

I became a part of I n t e r A r t i from the beginning. Since I have worked in different creative sectors I found art most fascinating of all. I started study interior design and took classes in Decorative Art.

Currently providing planning for your remodelling projects. Working with our clients very closely to help them to meet their needs is my main priority

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